From 1960 to 1963, a scholarship from the French Government allowed him to study the technique of lithography in Paris in professor Clairin’s studio. He became the close friend of fellow painter Vassilis Sperantzas – who would remain a loyal companion throughout his time in Paris – and with whom he would later open a studio along with Nikos Stefanou in the Kallithea neighborhood of Athens. He got acquainted with poets and writers, such as Jacques Lacarrière, Yves Navarre and painter René Laubiès who would energetically support his work during his stay in France.

In 1967 he had his first exhibition at Gallery 3+2. At this juncture he decided to divide his life between France and Greece.

The success of this exhibition marked the beginning of a dynamic career. For the next 30 years he would be a permanent resident of Paris.