Beauty lies behind what you feel, not behind what you see
Αλέκος Φασιανός

Our curated boutique offers products inspired by the visual language and aesthetic of Alekos Fassianos.

Αλέκος Φασιανός

Fassianos himself relates: “For five years I applied myself to drawing ancient heads and nude models. I can’t say I didn’t learn anything from this – quite the opposite.

Our teacher Moralis had an influence on us both as an artist and as a human being. We learned to observe the effects of darkness on light and vice versa as well as how objects changed shape as the light changed. We also learned to compare things. But I was always thinking of saints with their haloes, their staffs, their swords, their varied attire, and the red or white horses that jumped over flame-blowing dragons.

I was thinking less of the Cycladic figurines at the time.

I also liked Japanese art and Indian tantric painting. But I never felt the mysticism. I started painting people again in uniforms and ornaments in gardens. They were unmoving, they were expressionless and held flowers.

Later these small figures of people that I painted in uniforms began to dissolve, to become colored beings with flowers all around, sometimes pleasant looking, sometimes terrifying

And now the ones I paint hold flaming swords like the Byzantine saints. But they are untainted creatures from my imagination, just as they first issued from dark churches. I like red and blue volumes, but not abstraction.

Color should always have meaning!

-Alekos Fassianos, Athens 1964

Colour has its meaning


National Conservatory of Athens
He studied violin for 12 years.

Yiannis Moralis atelier 


Awarder by the Minister of Culture in France Madame Roselyne Bachelot – Narquin

Awarded Officer by the then French Minister of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand

ORDER OF THE LEGION OF HONOR (Officier des Lettres et des Arts)
Decorated with the Legion of Honor by the President of the French Republic

Russian Academy of Arts







Αλέκος Φασιανός

The Alekos Fassianos estate is a non-profit civil company founded in 2020 by Alekos Fassianos and his family. It is dedicated to collecting, preserving, protecting, defending by all legal means, exhibiting and interpreting the oeuvre of Alekos Fassianos. 

Αλέκος Φασιανός

The Alekos Fassianos Museum is housed in a building remodeled and designed by architect Kyriakos Krokos in close collaboration with Alekos Fassianos. The building was completed in 1995. The Alekos Fassianos Museum opened to the public in 2023.

The exhibition space aims to focus on the diverse artistic practice of Alekos Fassianos. Presenting works from 1956 to the end of his life, the exhibition introduces the viewer to Fassianos’ development as an artist. Showcasing works from the early years in Paris in the 1960s and his brief influence from abstract art to the inspiration he later draws from Byzantine art with the use of gold leaves and a darker color palette, a series of paintings of his widely celebrated maniera as well as collages and mixed media works. The exhibition pays tribute to his neighborhood, Agios Pavlos. The “Myth of his neighborhood” unfolds through a series of works representing local life in the 40s, 50s and 60s in Athens. His childhood heroes merge with the heroes of Greek mythology, the profane and the sacred, creating thus, the eternal hero, the man. Aside from painting, the exhibition aims to present Fassianos’ polyhedric personality. Showcasing design pieces he created for his home and important archival material of his writings, iconography, scenography and costume designs he did for La cantatrice chauve by Ionesco, No exit by Jean-Paul Sartre and comedies by Aristophane among others.

The Alekos Fassianos Museum is significant to the contemporary artistic and architectural map of Athens for it is one of the few museums in the world in which the complicity between artist and architect underpins a dialogue between the works and the space that houses them.

The Alekos Fassianos Museum organizes exhibitions, talks and educational programs for children.

Αλέκος Φασιανός

Our Friends are fundamental to the future of the Alekos Fassianos Museum. Your contribution supports the museum's life and the conservation of the art collection.

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Αλέκος Φασιανός

The atelier and residence of Alekos Fassianos is a small house of typical cycladic architecture, with rich curves dressed in white asbestos, ochre doors, a traditional wooden roof and with a vista of the Aegean. It is located in the island’s main city (Chora), Ioulida.

Fassianos first discovered Kea in the spring of 1967 while accompanying a family friend to complete her oblation. He was instantly surprised by the island’s vast and hidden beaches, its valleys and the architecturally preserved town. He began visiting the island regularly as it was close to Athens and met with the inhabitants who embraced him and introduced him to the island’s archaeological treasures. Kea was in abundance of fertile stretches of land, livestock, fishery and tanneries. Fassianos decided to purchase this small studio to live and work during the summer season. It is in this small residence that he invited some of his friends among who Louis Aragon, Giannis Tsarouhis, Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely Niko Stefanou and many others. The space remains intact with his personal objects. It’s filled with handcrafted toys, ceramics and clothes. Fassianos cared for every detail in the space, from the metallic figures on the door’s railings, to the hand painted furniture. The studio is of significant importance to the deeper understanding of the artist’s life, work and aesthetics.

Opening Hours
Thursday - Sunday
10am - 1pm
6pm - 9pm

General entrance: 5€
Reduced admission: 3€
(Students, Persons 19-26, Οver 65, Locals of Kea island)
Free Admission:
Under 18, Visitors with disabilities and their companion, Greek unemployed citizens with their current unemployment card, Journalists, Chamber of Fine Arts cardholder, Qualified tour guides

Alekou Fasianou Str., Ioulida

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