With Louis Aragon in the Parthenon

“He whose name I write, the name I learned to pronounce: Fassianos, Oh, Fassianos! I remember those first days when the surprise hit me – it was a new way to love.”

Louis Aragon, “Fassianos Facing the Sky”


In Paris he met eminent personalities the likes of Louis Aragon, Hamid Fouladvind, André Laude, Fernando Arrabal, Bruno Roy, the editor of Fata Morgana, with whom he would collaborate systematically, as well as the publisher André Biren for whom he would produce many limited-edition books. His gallery, Galerie André Biren was located on Jacob Street, next to the Pré aux Clercs café, where he was invited to show his work and where he also decorated the café tables. The well-known Swedish art dealer, Andersson would exhibit Fassianos in Malmö as well as other Swedish cities. Simultaneously, he began a solid collaboration with Japanese gallerist Reiko Kurita, who has since regularly organized exhibitions in Japan, namely in Tokyo. He exhibited at the Galerie Tanit in Munich. Beginning in 1978 he has exhibited regularly at the Galerie La Hune

In Paris during a solo show