Alekos Fassianos presents the interior of his house in Papagos, Athens.

“Alekos Fassianos is probably the best-known living painter in Greece. Simple and immediate, his drawings of common people, objects, and events are icons of our popular culture. His art is self-explanatory. He draws pleasure from the small, common things because he’s a pragmatist who believes that life is lived every day, so everyday things are the only ones that matter. But to be honest, even if we wanted to ask for clarifications, I doubt whether the artist would enjoy giving them. He’s a man of few words who speaks slowly and wisely, or who might decide not to speak at all if he doesn’t like a certain question. According to his familiars he’s always been an introvert, a person who prefers expressing himself through his work. And he has produced tons of it: not just drawings but also writing, theater costumes and backdrops, toys, sculptures, lamp shades, coat hangers, over 800 book illustrations, and, ultimately, buildings’.”
Above is an excerpt from the feature on Greek painter Alekos Fassianos featured in Apartamento magazine issue #24. Text by Evangelia Koutsovoulou (@missgoodherbs). Photography by Adrianna Glaviano
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